Printable Rhythm worksheets in Pdf file Part 1


Dear fellow musician,

This first out of four basic printable rhythm worksheets pdf consists of a thirty-two bars exercise that focuses on developing your ability to rhythmically sight-read quarter notes and rests.

If you’re unfamiliar with the duration of quarter notes, please take a couple of minutes to read and experiment with this Note values and rhythm clapping exercises guide.

(with audio samples so you can align with the timing).

This free guide will quickly develop your understanding of basic quarter notes duration, thus will make it easier to approach this printable rhythm worksheet pdf (and others found on this site).


Although is designed mainly to drive guitar players towards excellence, when it comes to rhythm, all musicians and musical instruments share the same rhythmic language.

This is why drummers, bass guitar players, pianists, or even singers, for example, can improve their accuracy and benefit from our pdf rhythm worksheets (and other resources for musicians).


This is how the quarter notes and rests exercise look: (The Pdf download link is below the image).

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This is how the first part of the rhythm worksheets pdf looks

Download this first part of the printable rhythm worksheets Pdf for free. No registration is required.

If the layout works for you, download the second printable rhythm worksheets pdf from our free download library (plus two more advanced-level PDF rhythmic exercises),

so you can print them, practice, and establish a solid rhythmic foundation before you proceed to more advanced stuff, such as reading sixteenth notes charts or odd meter sheets.


A final note on this printable rhythm worksheets Pdf Part 1


It’s true; there are more efficient ways to write two, three, or four beats rests. Still, this specific chart aims to get your brain to identify the quarter note’s rest and translate and execute the graphic symbol representing it onto your instrument in any sight-reading situation.

Also, check out these valuable books for improving your rhythm sight-reading and accuracy:

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