Printable Rhythm worksheets Pdf file – Part 2


Dear fellow musician,

Hopefully, you’ve already downloaded the first part of our printable rhythm worksheets Pdf that focuses on quarter notes and rests.

The following printable worksheet pdf (32 bars exercise) focuses on developing your ability to sight-read Eight notes and rests.

Repeating this simple worksheet will help the bass guitar player hold a solid rock eight-note groove, the drummer will improve his hi-hat playing, and the guitar player will gain more control over eight-note strumming patterns.

Every sight-reading beginner can directly improve his/hers accuracy with exercises like this one, as simple as it may look.

Cool tip?

Tap the written rhythm with your fingers far from your instrument, then play it on it. This will strengthen your overall sense of rhythm. 

This is how the Eight Notes and rests exercise looks: (The Pdf download link is below the image).

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This is how the second part of the rhythm worksheets pdf looks

Download this second part of the printable rhythm worksheets Pdf for free. No registration is required.

If you’re happy with the layout, bookmark this site to return to it later and download more advanced rhythmic exercises (and much more resources) from our free download library in a pdf format.

Please note: Same as our last worksheet, there are better ways to write successive eight-note rests, but the aim is to train your brain to recognize and execute them faster and to tackle any eight-note rest while you sight-read.