Dear fellow guitarist,

I truly hope the second part of the introduction to rhythm reading was helpful to you.

If you came across this lesson by mistake and just started with rhythms, check out 

the first rhythm introduction and climb from there.

Now’s the time to put more interest in our rhythm practicing so we won’t become bored.

Let’s jump to the next part…

After finishing the next exercise, you will never have a problem reading guitar Eight notes or rests again.

Eight notes – exercise #2

Purpose: Play along with the audio below on three different tempos while stomping your foot on a steady 1,2,3,4 count.

Goal: To master the reading of simple eight notes and rests.

To make things easier for you, I recorded how the exercises should sound like; again, I’m playing the  F note written below on the guitar (The next exercises are going to be fun since I season them with changes, so it doesn’t get boring and you can maximize the practice to more aspects).


In this exercise, I want you to play the A flat note (3rd string, first fret) while I’m playing the F.

This will add some color to the exercise.

BTW it’s a minor 3rd interval, so that’s a beginning of a minor chord.

Why do I mention that?

Because I want you to listen and start training your ear too.

As usual, I recorded it in three different tempos so you can start slow and gradually go faster.

Each audio strip starts with two four-beat pre-count, and the exercise is played once from start to end. (You might want to zoom out your page view to see the entire exercise.)

It’s easy. Try it.

Eight notes and rests exercise for self-taught guitar players starting rhythms - Free guitar lessons for beginners & advanced guitar players

You can download this exercise in a PDF file and print Here .

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