Printable Bass Guitar Fretboard Chart PDF

Dear fellow musician,

This 4 string bass guitar fretboard chart is an essential tool for players who want to start memorizing the notes of the bass guitar and better understand its layout.

Since it’s aimed toward those of you that take your first steps on learning the fretboard notes, I’ve omitted the sharps (♯) and flats (♭) from this first basic diagram to make it easier for memorization.

Naturally, the next step on your journey would be to get familiar with the accidentals (Wikipedia). 

This printable bass guitar fretboard chart will also benefit music teachers who need a simple black-and-white printable to represent the notes on the fingerboard during their lessons visually.  

Another benefit of the printable bass guitar fretboard chart is that you can download it once and print it repeatedly.

After downloading the printable guitar fretboard chart, visit our Free PDF download library for more valuable rhythm-strengthening and sight-reading resources. 


This is how the printable bass guitar fretboard chart looks:


And you can download it for free ( no registration required) here: Printable Bass guitar fretboard chart PDF.