The Second Chart Of Strumming Patterns Pdf File

Dear fellow guitarist,

This second strumming patterns Pdf chart includes four essential exercises.

In the first exercise, Please pay attention to the muted beat on the fourth beat of each measure.

Exercises 2-4 are variations between played quarters and quarters mute.

These exercises aim to improve your ability to maneuver between played beats and muted ones. 

A cool tip?

You don’t have to memorize these strumming patterns by heart. ( although you can add them to your strumming patterns vocabulary if you wish to).

One way I like to practice them is just reading the entire Pdf chart from start to end about five times. This will help you develop the skill of fluidly translating what you see on paper to the guitar.

As mentioned in the first strumming patterns Pdf chart, the idea is to train and build your sense of rhythm by compounding on each new strumming pattern you master.

So after you master the four patterns on this pdf chart, download the third strumming patterns Pdf chart so you can continue to build your strumming skill.

This is how it looks: (The Pdf download link is below the image).

This is how the second chart of the strumming patterns pdf looks

Download this Second chart of strumming patterns Pdf for free. No registration requiered.

If the layout works for you, download the six strumming patterns pdf charts from our free download library so you can print them and have a “solid path” for learning the basics of guitar strumming.

Check out this book:

“The Ultimate Guide To Strumming” to avoid internalizing strumming hand errors and capture the correct movement for accuracy:

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