Launches the String Finder By Artist

A Tool for Guitar Players To Find the String Set Their Favorite Guitarist Use.

Dear readers,

We at are happy to announce the launch of our new tool: The Guitar Strings Finder by Artist.

Designed to serve guitar players by providing them with another point of view when trying to find out how to choose guitar strings.

The idea behind the Strings Finder by artist tool is simple:

  • You love the tone of your favorite guitar player, so,

  • Type their name in the string finder’s input box,

  • Bam, you get a response that shows you the exact string set your favorite artist uses (or the closest), the set’s gauge, the materials it is made of, and the typical sound qualities and tone it was designed to produce (for example, warm, mellow, crisp, etc..)

  • Now, you should have a great starting point for exploring string sets since you’re already familiar with how the strings sound from listening to your idol’s guitar playing.

Currently, the strings finder tool’s database focuses on electric, acoustic, and classical guitar string sets, six-string guitar sets, and 7-string sets of famous guitar players.

It includes string manufacturers and brands such as:

D’Addario, Elixir Strings, Ernie Ball, DR handmade strings, Dean Markley, GHS strings, Rotosound, and many more.

Additionally, to help you better understand the specifications of string sets,

We also included here articles and resources explaining the most important parameters to consider when choosing the right strings for your instrument.

Here’s a suggested order to start exploring
what strings you should get:

String finder by famous artists (fun, amusing, and a great starting point).

Guitar strings materials for different guitar types  ( YouTube Video ).

Guitar strings thickness guide (Gauge explained)

Flatwound vs. roundwound ( YouTube Video ). 

The correlation between strings and music genres (Rock, blues, metal, jazz, and pop)

These resources will expand your string knowledge and understanding and will help you make the best choices during your string exploration.

Ready to Start?