The Secret to Fretboard Mastery


Dear fellow guitarist,

If you feel your hands are cuffed because you’re unfamiliar enough with the fretboard, here’s what you can do about it…

Digest it in small doses.

Or else, you’re only inviting frustration, like when trying to solve a complex puzzle.

But how can you know where to start when learning the entire fretboard layout?


A compass in this wilderness will help.


I don’t even know how to use a compass, but I know this:

Memorizing the notes on the entire guitar fretboard is a worthy goal, but simply memorizing the names of the notes without practical application gave me little to no progression.

It was only when I learned the fretboard section by section and logically understood each note’s placement that I internalized the information and boosted my playing meaningfully.

What was my compass?


“Guitar Fretboard Workbook” by Barrett Tagliarino



Now I want to share with you some of my experience with this workbook and tell you what it can’t do for you:

This book isn’t about teaching you how to solo or specific playing styles. It’s NOT a guitar method book.

Instead, it focuses on expanding your chord knowledge and scale patterns so you can confidently move freely on the entire neck.

At 80 pages long and 22 short chapters, you’ll:


  • Break free from always playing chords in the same three frets because you don’t know any other options.
  • Understand where things are on the fretboard and why they’re there. This knowledge will empower you to truly apply what you’ve learned to dominate the fretboard.
  • If you’re tired of being stuck soloing in the same pentatonic scale position and want to explore new areas on the fretboard, this book will explain which scale patterns to use in different neck positions and why you should switch to those patterns.
  • You’ll gain clarity of the fretboard and get rid of how the notes blend together.
  • Let go of the difficulty locating the notes on the fretboard, even when playing higher up the neck.
  • Win the struggle of recalling the sharps and flats.


My goal was to effortlessly navigate the fretboard and have the freedom to express myself fluently.

I achieved it.

If you share a similar thought,

Get your compass.

Powerful workbook, Start early!


This is the front cover of the guitar fretboard workbook

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