Printable Rhythm Worksheets in Pdf File Part 5

Dotted Quarter Notes (Crotchets)

Dear fellow musician,

This printable rhythm worksheets pdf consists of a fifty-one bars exercise that focuses on developing your ability to rhythmically sight-read dotted quarter notes.

What are dotted quarter notes?

A dot to the right side of the note increases its duration by 50% of its original duration value.

So, for example, 50% of a quarter note is a one-eighth note, meaning that a dotted quarter note’s duration equals three-eighth notes.

According to that,

What’s the duration of a dotted eight note?

That’s right, three sixteenth notes.

Although is designed mainly to drive guitar players towards excellence, all musicians and musical instruments share the same rhythmic language regarding rhythm.

This is why drummers, bass guitar players, pianists, or even singers, for example, can improve their accuracy and benefit from our pdf rhythm worksheets (and other resources for musicians).


This is how the dotted quarter notes and rests exercise look: (The Pdf download link is below the image).

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This is how the fifth part of the rhythm worksheets pdf looks

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More printable rhythm worksheets pdf available in our free download library (plus both basic and advanced sight-reading rhythmic exercises),

so you can print them, practice, and establish a solid rhythmic foundation before you proceed to more advanced stuff, such as reading sixteenth notes charts or odd meter sheets.

A final note on this Dotted Quarter Notes printable rhythm worksheets Pdf 

The variations in this exercise are common patterns, and the purpose is to familiarize you well enough with them so you won’t have to calculate as you sight-read.

Just to automatically execute.
Repeat this exercise until you can play it fluidly at a moderate tempo.