Throughout our long journey, we’ve picked and collected some of the top handy music industry resources.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, explore the links below to discover new growth and self-expansion opportunities.

 Top Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners:

The free trial speaks for itself has proven you can learn guitar with only 20 minutes of practice a day, and we believe that it’s the best way to learn guitar from home as adults who run busy lives.

Recommended Self-Tuition Books For Learning Jazz Chords:

Mickey Baker’s Book

This Mickey Baker book reveals how to master jazz guitar chords, Even if you only started playing a few months ago with just a D chord…
Read the full Mickey Baker book review.

Joe Pass Chords Book

For intermediate and advanced players only!

The key for playing Jazz chords by ear without thinking as you play.

Read the full Joe Pass chords book review.

Social Media Reach Expansion

If you’re a YouTube content creators even the free version of TubeBuddy chrome extension provides a totally new YouTube  perspective. The insights and SEO build-in tools will help you grow and expand the reach of your channel much faster  .

This is how you can maximize the value of your content. With you can turn one video, live stream, or podcast episode into multiple clips and schedule them to all your social media channels simultaneously.


Outsource To Grow Faster

You know how to play guitar and this should be your focus! Most aspects of your online presence and music career like: Press kits, Graphic designs, Video editing, Website maintenance or Marketing your music can be easily outsourced in an affordable price on Fiverr.

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