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This Mickey Baker book reveals how to master jazz guitar chords Even if you only started playing a few months ago with just a D chord…


Looking to jazzin’ up your chord vocabulary?

I can still remember the excitement of playing the Am6 chord shape from Mickey Baker book for the first time. Until then, I only played simple rock chords, but those jazzy-sounding chords caught my ears.

I can’t really remember how I got the Mickey Baker book, but ever since I thoroughly studied it (about 26 years ago), it is still the backbone of both my chord playing and solo improvising.

As far as the Am6 shape that I learned from this book, I still use it.


Here’s what you’re about to invest in


The Mickey Baker’s self-tuition book contains a well-built system of exercises that will make your accompaniment colorful from day one. And it’s easy to follow.

At 72 pages, you discover both the solo runs and chord concepts that top jazz guitarists use in their playing.



 My 26 years old (and still counting…) copy of Mickey Baker’s book


And it’s about MORE than just shapes runs and jazz chords.


See, you can use the same system of chords or exercises in this book to color any style of music.

For example, Robben Ford (the great blues guitarist) learned the chord system of this book and uses the chords for extra spice in his Blues albums.

When the legendary guitarist Lenny Breau was asked: “Where’d get those chords?”   He said: “Oh, Mickey Baker’s book.”

So like I said, there’s more to this book than “just” exercises and chord shapes. Here’s the tip of the iceberg of what you’re getting…


  • You’ll never feel like a jazz dummy.
  • That’s the best preparation for learning advanced jazz guitar playing.
  • Discover how by memorizing one chord, you actually memorized two – page 24.
  • Save time by eliminating practice time on many meaningless chords.
  • By the time you finish this book, you will be able to play any song in any key because of how the exercises were built.
  • How to replace boring chords with colorful new chords and sound like you’ve been doing this for years. Page 7
  • Find the best way to use new chords, so your playing sounds fresh and juicy.
  • Master your fingerboard all the way up and play flawlessly.
  • You will be able to transpose from one key to the other on the spot with great ease, like a pro.
    This skill is very useful for me every time I meet a singer for the first time.
  • How to substitute chords and make your band members wonder what’s your secret.
  • Master blues and jazz chord progressions like you were born with them.
  • How to improve your overall playing by discovering how to open and end a song, so your playing always sounds in control-page 23
  • Stand up and improvise solos with confidence next to great musicians, knowing they’ll get overwhelmed.
  • You will become an automated solo machine playing great solos without thinking.
  • How to connect jazz runs you play flawlessly.
  • Say goodbye to the fear of jamming.
  • The best way to get out of the frustrated musicians’ group and get into the sharks’ group.
  • It shows you the right way to practice for quick progress.


You’re right… that’s a lot of progress to make from one simple self-tuition mickey baker book.

And it’s really just a fraction of what you can get out of it because you’re also discovering…

How to enrich your solos vocabulary with minimum effort


You’ll discover how one solo run can be used against different chord types and generate a different colorful sound each time.

This will take off the pressure to learn more and more runs because you’ll be able to do a lot with much less.

The best part of this is that you will never need another book for this type of jazz basics.


When you use it, expect a few things to happen


First, musicians will start wondering where you got that knowledge from and will start asking for your advice, viewing you as a go-to person.

This is really important to you because it sets you up for a long-term relationship with them where they’re more likely to call you to play in gigs and for music opportunities.

The next thing you’ll notice is this:


You will stop wasting your time!


Say goodbye to jumping from one YouTube video to the other, trying to find the answers you are looking for, and getting confused and frustrated because, with this book, you’ll have a simple step-by-step system to get better, organizing your quick improvement with the right lesson at the right time.


Here’s what to do next


The Mickey Baker’s Jazz Guitar Book 1 is around $19.95 on

Get the paperback though, if you like to practice conveniently.


Get it Here!

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You’ll see actual solo runs you can use today

You’ll see exactly how to practice to get quick results

That is truly a game changer for your musicality, so take the first step and get the book now


Take a look!


Summary of Mickey Baker Jazz Guitar book review


In this post, I recommend Mickey Baker’s jazz guitar book 1.

This 72-page self-tuition book outlines how to be a high-performer jazz guitarist.

At 52 well-crafted mickey baker guitar lessons, you’ll gain enough chords vocabulary to spice almost every genre of guitar playing, such as Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, RNB, and even Rock.

Moreover, I also recommend getting the paperback and not the Kindle edition or the mickey baker book 1 pdf, for the sake of practice convenience.


The hard copy is around $19.95 on

Click here and get your copy now. You won’t regret it.


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