Dear fellow guitarist,

Let me make one thing clear. I only recommend Jazz guitar albums that I bought, which moved something inside of me and influenced my playing, and, most impotently, it’s been a great pleasure listening to them.

Albums that I’m 100% sure will make you feel the same.

There are an infinite amount of good jazz guitar albums out there…I know.

But the next three albums will catch your ear from the first listening,

Mainly because it’s great fun to listen to the incredible jazz guitar chops these three guitarists possess, but also because you’ll get to know three different styles of jazz guitar playing.

This will expand your knowledge and help you find your voice more quicker.

I’ve written under each album its style so you can quickly discover what touches you.   

So let’s start,


Joe Pass – Tudo Bem – 1978

The album screams out: This is how you play and improvise Latin-jazz guitar.

(It’s one of the best albums I’ve listened to, amazing…)

To get the “feel”, Click here.

If it moves you, add it to your collection here.


Bireli Lagrene – standards – 1992

The album screams out: well-known jazz standards seasoned with Bareli’s unbelievable chops and essence of Gypsy jazz.

To get the “feel”, Click here.

If it moves you, add it to your collection here.


George Benson – Bad Benson – 1974

The album screams out: Incredible bebop guitar playing. (Listen to the second guitar solo on “Serbian Blue”)

To get the “feel”, Click here.

Add it to your collection here.

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