How To Practice Smarter 


Dear fellow guitarist,

My last playing session with Jennifer left me embarrassed by the tiny progress I’ve made compared to hers.

Eager to find out how she got that good since the last time we met two months ago, I asked:

“Jenn, we both picked up the guitar around the same time… How on earth did you progress that quickly?

What’s your secret?”


Her answer revealed something that had never occurred to me before


“Well, it isn’t really a secret…

My instructor’s conception of practicing sucked!

He always told me to “practice harder”…

but I never got an unequivocal answer when asked how to do it.

As much as I practiced “harder,” I only got crumbs of improvement,


“An agonizing plateau,”…she chuckled and continued:


“When I realized I was off-track, I started looking for ways to cross over to the “smarter practice” side.”

Smarter practice…what exactly do you mean by that? I asked

“Wait. Let me show you…”

She reached for her guitar case and took out


A little blue notebook.


“See this journal?

This helped me break free from my old, scattered practicing habits and adopt a more focused approach.

You see, I needed new guidance for practicing more effectively to achieve the playing level I wanted,

and I’ve found this guidance within these pages.

Go on, take a look…”

“Here, on page 8, the author suggests dividing your practice based on three concepts: exercise, learn, and create.

I love this idea because it provides a structure to everything you play and helps recognize where your focus is at any given moment.”

She turned a few pages forward, pointing to what were once blank tables impeccably arranged into daily goals, tasks, and focus points and now filled with her messy handwriting…

“These pages are where I usually start…

Even if imperfect, I write down my goals and break them into to-dos with dedicated, reasonable timeframes that align with achieving them.

Keeping a progression log like this helps me track my actions, adjust as I go, and pick up where I left off the following day, fueling the momentum.

Most importantly, I have a much better understanding of what to practice, when to practice, and for how long.

An effective framework and a clear path toward my musical ambitions is 



What I believe smarter practice means.”



This guided journal helped Jenn organize her practices once and for all and stop wasting her time on aimless noodling.

A quick look inside will help you assess if it can do the same for you.


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