Printable Rhythm Worksheets in Pdf File Part 6

Half & Dotted Half Notes (Minims)


Dear fellow musician,

If the previous worksheet helped you understand and hone the dotted quarter notes sight reading, this printable rhythm worksheet pdf would help you with half and dotted half notes.

This exercise consists of fifty-nine bars focusing on the time duration of half notes (Two beats) and dotted half notes (three beats).

Moreover, I’ve included eight-note rhythmic variations to surprise you while you read, thus developing your skill further.

What are dotted half notes?

The equation reads:

A dot to the right side of the note increases its duration by 50% of its original duration value.

So, you must count three beats whenever a dotted half note appears in this printable rhythm exercise.

Note: Although is designed mainly to drive guitar players towards excellence, all musicians and musical instruments share the same rhythmic language regarding rhythm.

This is why drummers, bass guitar players, pianists, or even singers, for example, can improve their accuracy and benefit from our pdf rhythm worksheets and exercises.


If for some reason you feel this worksheet is too advanced for your level, feel free to go back to our free PDF download library to download and consolidate your rhythm reading with the previous, more basic five printable worksheets.

This is how the half and dotted half notes exercise looks: (The Pdf download link is below the image).

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This is How the Half Notes & Dotted Half Note (Minims) Printable Rhythm Worksheet looks

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A final note on this Dotted half Notes printable rhythm worksheet Pdf 

Practice reading this chart on one note only.
The guitarist should play it on the F note, which is found on the fourth string -third fret.
The bass player can think of it as the A note (bass clef) and just read threw the rhythm. The drummer can practice this on the ride or open hi-hats because those can play long durations.

Whatever instrument you play, remember to pay close attention to cutting the ringing note when rests should kick in.