Three Printable Blank Bass Fretboard

Diagram PDF files

Dear groove Player,

The three blank bass fretboard diagram pdf files presented on this page are completely free for you to download. 

But I want you to pay close attention…

The reason I divided it into three different blank fretboard chart types is to make it easier for you to choose and print the best neck diagram that fits your needs.

And what do I mean by needs?

I’m sure you’re looking for your own reasons but,  

Here are some examples of how you can use it to polish your skills:

To write and memorize five scale positions, to write bass chord inversions  (Wikipedia) throughout the neck, or to write intervals just for the sake of practicing how to recognize and memorize the way it looks on the fingerboard.

On top of each fingerboard diagram, I left a blank line for you to write your or your student’s objective for the chart.

That’s the place to mention that these 4 string fretboard sheets are also useful if you want to teach or maybe you’re already teaching some bass guitar.

I also included the fretboard marks that would normally appear on a physical four-string bass guitar on the third (3rd), fifth (5th), seventh (7th), ninth (9th), and twelfth (12th) frets so you’ll be able to find your way on any of the provided diagrams in regards to your guitar.

Here’s what you can download on this page: (Heck, of course, you can also download them all)…

  • Blank bass fretboard diagram pdf Type #1 – One large diagram per A4-size print paper.
  • Blank 4 string diagram Type #2 – Two medium-large fretboard diagrams.
    You can use this chart for writing the natural notes on the fretboard on one diagram and the sharp and flats on the other. (Again, this idea is to get you to “chew” the material over and over by repeatedly writing it to obtain a clear image of the fretboard in your mind).
  • Blank bass fretboard diagram Type #3 – contains three medium size neck diagrams.
    This diagram is pretty cool whenever you want to compare different scale positions, and chord positions, or to deepen your grasp of the entire fretboard sections.

* All types of the free printable blank bass diagrams here are in PDF format at the size of A4 paper.

If you also need a Printable Bass Guitar Fretboard Chart PDF that includes all the natural notes up to the twelfth fret, download it here.

The download links for all diagrams on this page are below each image.

This is how the printable blank bass guitar fretboard diagram PDF looks:


And you can download it for free (no registration required) here: Blank bass fretboard diagram PDF

Here’s How The Blank Bass Fretboard Diagram PDF Type #2 Looks:


Download it for free (no registration required) here: Blank bass fretboard chart PDF (Type 2).

This is How The Printable Blank four string Fretboard chart PDF type #3 looks:


Download it for free here: Blank bass fretboard diagram PDF (Type 3).

Final words

I hope the printable sheets I have designed and shared will help you.

If they do… please share them.

If you need more free printable resources for bass guitar theory, rhythm training, and much more… check out our free bass guitar PDF download library.

Thanks for reading this,

Ben Fields.