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Let me make one thing clear, I only recommend metal shredding albums that I bought, albums that moved something inside of me , influenced my playing, and most impotently it’s been a great pleasure listening to.

Albums that I’m 100% sure will make the same for you!

If high energy guitar shredding turns you on and you love the excitement of heavy metal aggressions,

I’d have to recommend these three jaw-dropping albums as an excellent starting point for your 

development as a fast guitar player.

Why these three?


I didn’t choose the “top three best albums of all times“, That’s not what it’s about.

This article is about three unique albums of three mega shredders,

Each has a different approach, technique and style to heavy metal guitar playing, so you can find out which touches you the most.

If I succeed in giving you that, it means you’re one step closer to finding your own voice, and, that I’m doing my job well.

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Jason Bakers – Perpetual Burn – 1988



The album screams out:

High energy metal with dazzling swip-picking mastery.

To get the “feel”, Click here.

If it moves you, add it to your collection here.


Marty Freidman – Dragons kiss – 1988



The album screams out:

Punch in the gut” fast guitar riffs with crazy solos spiced with eastern unusual scales.

To get the “feel”, Click here.

Add it to your collection here.


Vinnie Moore – Mind’s Eye – 1987



The album screams out:

Neoclassical guitar shredding with perfect right hand alternate picking technique.

To get the “feel”, Click here.

Add it to your collection here.



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