Free Easy Guitar Sheet Music Note Reading In First Position


Dear Fellow Guitarist,

To help you get started in guitar sheet music reading, I’ve added the first guitar position diagram for reading notes.

This will serve as a map for finding the notes written in the first easy guitar sheet music provided below.

Moreover, it’s likely you’ll learn to read in this position in your first stages of learning to read music sheets because it’s the most fundamental one.

This first free easy guitar sheet music focuses mainly on developing your ability to recognize, read and play the lower guitar notes.

It Is an easy-to-read A minor etude (Wikipedia).

Being a study in A minor means it contains no sharps or flats (accidentals), making it simpler to read.

You can find links for downloading both the first position diagram and the free easy guitar sheet music in a PDF format under the images.

If you need any clarifications about the rhythm, notes’ pitch, symbols, or whatever, You’ll find it all in my comprehensive article: How To Read Guitar Sheet Music.

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This is how the first Position for Reading the Free Easy Guitar Sheet Music Looks:

This is a diagram of the first position on the fret board on which you'll read the first free easy guitar shit music

And you can download it for free ( no registration required) here: Guitar First Position Notes Diagram PDF

This is how the first  Free Easy Guitar Sheet Music Looks:

This Is the first guitar sheet that focuses on the low guitar notes

And you can download it for free here: Free Easy Guitar Sheet Music.