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The Guitar fretboard Diagrams

What’s a fretboard diagram:

A guitar diagram is simply a drawing of the guitar’s fingerboard. (also called fretboard).

We use it to illustrate how to arrange the fingers on the guitar’s fingerboard to get musical elements such as chord shapes, scales, or arpeggios.

Usually, a guitar diagram will also include the number of the finger/fingers to press with and more indicators for fingerings and playing, such as the fret’s number and whether you should play an open (open voicing chord) or a closed string.

The view of the fingerboard is an overhead view as if the guitar is lying down on its back, and you take a picture from above it.

The following two images show how to look at it:


So, for example, the diagram of a G major guitar chord looks like the photo fingering,

One of the best methods for discovering “new” chords to your taste is to take a blank guitar fretboard sheet and draw chord shapes that you “invent.”

It’s one of the best ways to capture your naivete on paper.

Some of the best chord shapes I “invented” when I was a beginner are still part of my chord vocabulary.
You can download a free blank guitar fretboard (PDF) from’s free resources page. 


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