The third worksheet of rhythmic exercise PDF 


Dear fellow musician,

This third rhythmic exercise PDF includes thirty-two bars printable chart. 

The main focus of this rhythmic exercise is the combination of Eight notes, Eight note rests, and Quarter note rests.

In a nutshell:


  • Eight notes and rests get half a beat.
  • Quarter notes and rests get one beat.
  • Half-note rest gets two beats.
  • The whole note rest gets four beats.


If rhythm sight-reading or accuracy development is your goal and you feel you need to strengthen your understanding of Quarter notes and rests plus Eight notes and rests, then start by downloading these following charts for free:



Practice them for a few days, and then this third rhythmic exercise PDF will flow much better.

If you’re an absolute beginner, I recommend you start with our fundamental lesson of understanding note values, names, and how they look.

The secondary focus of this rhythmic exercise PDF is the introduction of whole and half-note rest, as shown in the following image (The rhythmic exercise Pdf download link is below the image).:


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This is how the third rhythmic exercise pdf looks

Download this third rhythmic exercise pdf for free. No registration is required.

If you’re happy with the layout, bookmark this site to return to it later and download more advanced rhythmic exercises (and much more resources) from our free download library in a pdf format so you’ll have a “solid path” for learning to sight-read rhythm and improve your accuracy and overall musicality. 

Also, check out these valuable books for improving your rhythm sight-reading and accuracy:

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